Of which football team is Father General a fan?

May 17 , 2019

At the Stanislaus Kostka Jesuit school in Gdynia On 13 May, Fr. Arturo Sosa visited the Jesuit school in Gdynia, Poland. Addressing the...

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The Liberating Community

May 13 , 2019

Father General’s contact with a Students’ Chaplaincy On May 12 th , after a long journey from Cracow, Fr. General Arturo Sosa arrived in Gdańsk to...

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Father General to Polish students: “Grow in social sensitivity”

May 11 , 2019

Father Sosa is spending two weeks in Poland, where almost 600 Jesuits are members of two Provinces. First steps in Cracow, the heart of the Southern...

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In Poland, Father Arturo Sosa talks about the Media

May 10 , 2019

For many years, Jesuits in Poland have been active in the media field. The publication of books and journals has long been the main activity of this...

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Father General in Lithuania: both brief and noteworthy

A visitation by Fr. General is a challenge for Jesuits and their colleagues try to show the General a representative sampling of the ministries that...

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A Q&A at the Vilnius Jesuit School

Father General in Lithuania In 1569, Jesuits first arrived in Vilnius, starting a storied history of the Society of Jesus in the region. In...

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