Spirituality, Collaboration & Poverty: Father General in Los Angeles

Feb 17 , 2020

With the Jesuits marking the end of the first year of the 10-year mission that the Holy Father gave to the Society of Jesus through the Universal...

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Myth vs reality - From Alaska to Montana, Arizona to Hawaii

Feb 15 , 2020

How do you summarize the ministries of a Province that not only spans ten US states from Alaska to Montana, Arizona to Hawaii - but also contains...

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A journey of renewal and confirmation

Feb 14 , 2020

Father General visits the US West Province Twenty seven hours, six thousand miles and two lengthy layovers after leaving Rome, Fr. General Arturo...

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Retrospective - Taiwan: An Invitation to Maintain Courage

Dec 6 , 2019

This video concludes a series on Father General’s journeys to a number of Jesuit Provinces over recent months. At the end of July, Father General...

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Jesuits in Slovenia: a discreet and admired presence

Dec 5 , 2019

In the series of video recollections of Father General’s visits to the various Provinces of the Society, here is footage of his visit to Slovenia....

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Father General in the Land of the Reductions

Dec 3 , 2019

Here is another overview in images of a visit of Father General, this time to Paraguay. Who has not heard of the “Reductions of Paraguay”? This...

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