The Call to Freedom - A History of Liberation

Jul 15 , 2019

July 15, 2019 marked the first full day of Fr. General’s official visitation to the Asia-Pacific region as well as his first visit to South Korea....

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Three weeks, three Jesuit Provinces, three Chinese territories...

Jul 13 , 2019

On Saturday, July 13, Father Arturo Sosa began a demanding three-week journey to Provinces of the Jesuit Conference of Asia-Pacific. He will be...

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The Great Jesuit Tour of Austria

Jul 2 , 2019

“We would like to invite you, Father General, on a virtual tour across Austria. And to make this trip more interesting, we thought of adding a...

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“Building bridges”: the mission of the Jesuits of Austria

Jun 24 , 2019

Preparing for the official visitation of Fr. General, Austrian Provincial Bernhard Bürgler and his consultors looked for a theme that could best...

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Being with people - Knowing a country or region - Lithuania

Jun 19 , 2019

In May, Fr. General visited the Province of Lithuania, including Latvia. The province has just over 30 Jesuits primarily involved in the educational...

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Polish laity in the face of the Church’s current challenges

May 30 , 2019

During his visit to Northern Poland on May 14 and 15, Father General met with lay people close to the Society of Jesus. Starting with Łódź on the 14...

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