Care of the mission after COVID-19

Apr 30 , 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the transformation of human life demanded by the changing times we live in. But we still don’t know how deep...

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Fr. General's Easter Message: Transformation in a time of COVID

Apr 12 , 2020

Easter Message 2020 Fr General Arturo Sosa SJ. April 12th 2020 Easter offers new light for the path to God that is being indicated to us by the...

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The Garden of Eden... in Khuzama, India

While it’s not common for Father General Arturo Sosa to speak to an audience of children or walk in the Garden of Eden, he did so on 6th March...

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A challenge: defending the weak, the poor, the excluded

A festive atmosphere awaited Father General in Gayaganga, a town near Bagdogra airport in the northern part of West Bengal where Jesuits have been...

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"Human Development through Love and Service"

As part of his visitation of Darjeeling Province in North India, Fr. General stopped at the Hayden Hall Institute to celebrate its golden jubilee....

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“Our students should be imbued with a sense of justice.”

After finishing his visitation of Nepal, Fr. General left for Darjeeling Province, North India. The first stop in Darjeeling was to St. Joseph’s...

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