Towards a discerning Church: Saint John of Avila and Saint Ignatius of Loyola, sources of inspiration

Nov 25 , 2019

The leadership of the Jesuits and of the great “Ignatian family” of the whole world -the task of the Superior General of the Society of Jesus - does...

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On the path to a reconciled world

Nov 4 , 2019

The life of those who, in the context of the Society of Jesus and in partnership with the Society, give of themselves to the social apostolate, is a...

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Taking the Risk - Making Discernment Central

Arturo Sosa SJ, General Superior Society of Jesus Monday October 28 th , 2019. Discerning Leadership Programme Good morning to you all. I am...

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Being Christian Today - Where to Go as Church?

Sep 26 , 2019

What is the place of faith in a highly secularized society? Does a church like the Catholic Church have a role beyond its ritual? At the University...

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Learning to Look at the World through the Eyes of Pope Francis

Aug 22 , 2019

20 August 2019 Meeting for the Friendship Amongst Peoples - Rimini (Italy) Watch the video of Fr. General's speech . (Clicking on this link, you...

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Working together in a unique mission of reconciliation

Jul 29 , 2019

Here is a large part of Father General’s address to the lay people involved in the works and activities of the Society of Jesus in Taiwan. This...

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