Jesuit Historians can be young men

Feb 22 , 2019

The Archive team has been quite busy in mid-February. Just after the meeting of a group of archivists from the six Jesuit Conferences, Fr. Brian Mac...

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Creating a collaborative network of the Archives of the Society

Feb 14 , 2019

Answering the call of the 36 th General Congregation In late 2016 the 36 th General Congregation requested a renewal of the services rendered by the...

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Did I see a woman within Father General’s Extended Council?

Father General spends more than a week in meetings with his advisors, both those of his regular council and those who join to form an enlarged...

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Father General: the preferences will be the fruit of prayer

Most of you are already aware that the Society of Jesus is living an important moment. The Superior General, following the request made to him by...

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Discerning Universal Preferences: an experience well underway

Father General has convened his extended Council to discern with its members the options of apostolic preferences of the Society of Jesus for the...

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Meeting of the Extended Council – Father General is asking us to pray

As Father General mentioned in his Christmas message, he is currently convening his Extended Council to discern what the Universal Apostolic...

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