(Cordoba.20/07/18). Early in the morning, the Jesuits of Cordoba gathered in the Domestic Chapel of the Old Novitiate, symbol of the roots of the Jesuit vocation and presence in this city, to share the words of Father General, listen to his message and dialogue with him.

Fr. Arturo shared the moment that the Society is living around the definition of the apostolic preferences that guide the common mission but that cannot be defined if it is not from the discernment `according to times, persons and places' of our concrete presence and the collaboration that we offer to the mission of Christ, of which we are servants.

The process is advanced in most of the Provinces and it is hoped that, in early 2019, when all the information will be gathered in Rome, it will be presented to the Pope so that he can define it for the whole apostolic body.

In this way, the Society will consider the 'best way to contribute to the Church' for the next 10 years. Father General presented it as a process that was initially not known how it would turn out and, after almost a year, it has been evaluated very positively by his Council along with some parameters to periodically measure its progress and evaluate how we are carrying out the mission received.

“There is no mission without missionaries.” Thus, Father General presented the tension between cura apostolic and cura personalis, not only for Jesuits but also for collaborators, since it is necessary to take care of a number of conditions so that the mission can be carried out and this implies responsibility in relation to the care of those who are part of it.

“Today we have four or five times more works than at the time of the Council,” he observed, “with half the number of members in the Society at that time. This is only possible thanks to the commitment of many lay people and it also raises the need for us to rethink the structure of the Society itself, which is for the mission, since we cannot become 'custodians of museums'.”

We are at a time when all organizations are restructuring to make better use of resources and to grow in their service and the Society also has to ensure that its structure takes care of the mission and the people who carry it out.

In this regard, care for how we live poverty, especially in these times when we could so easily replicate, within the Society, the inequality that exists in our world. Likewise, communication plays a fundamental role: “without good communication,” said Fr Sosa, “the Society could not be what it is.”

Finally, Father General referred to the formal beginning of Father Arrupe's cause, emphasizing in his figure that of a model of the holiness of a committed human being and calling for the promotion of devotion for those who lived 'deeply rooted in Christ'.