(Buenos Aires, 7/26/2018) Father General visited the XVII World Assembly of Christian Life Community (CLC) that is being held in San Miguel, Buenos Aires. He began his speech by recalling that in his youth he was also part of the Marian Congregations (precursors of CLC). From then on, he incorporated personal prayer, participation in the Eucharist, apostolic commitment and responsibility in his studies and family life into his life.

He affirmed that this Assembly, which is taking place 50 years after the foundation of CLC, is an occasion for thanksgiving for the good received from God, who acts in history to reconcile all things with him. At the same time, renew the following of Christ, who continues to call the men and women of CLC to strengthen the lay Church. Pope Francis encourages us to continue working in the spirit of the Second Vatican Council, a Church that is the People of God, a community attentive to the signs of the times and committed to justice.

He highlighted the "loaves and fishes" that CLC has to put at the service of the Church, discernment and consolation. Discernment has been highlighted by Pope Francis as something proper to our life as Christians, an instrument for a constant and active listening to God's will in our own life and in the world. This, in turn, leads to consolation, an experience of the deep and inner joy of the Christian life. It is a gift of the Spirit and springs from "union with Jesus in constant prayer and generous service". In this way, CLC's own charism is realized: "to help many, within or through the Community, to experience the joy of encounter with the Spirit and to commit themselves to contribute to the liberation of human beings and to social transformation".

He referred to the link between the Society of Jesus and CLC as one of collaboration in a mission that is not ours. It is the mission of Christ, to which we are invited. The complexity and magnitude of the problems that affect humanity is such that collaboration is an indispensable requirement to effectively contribute to their solution. Each one of us, Jesuits and CLC lay people, is called to work from our personal charism, which is a challenge of hope. This mission of Christ is none other than a mission of reconciliation and justice, of reconciliation of the person with himself and of union of the whole human family.

He concluded by thanking "CLC for all the fellowship, for all the apostolic collaboration and spiritual wealth shared with so many Jesuits" and asking for the intercession of Our Lady of the Way to have the grace to give her life so that others may have it in abundance.

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