The Superior General of the Society of Jesus has named Father Johan Verschueren, S.I., General Counsellor and his Delegate for the Interprovincial Houses and Works of the Society of Jesus in Rome (DIR)1. Father Verschueren is now Superior of the Region of the European Low Countries.

Father Verschueren was born in Berchem, Belgium, in 1960. He entered the Society of Jesus in 1985 and was ordained a priest in 1995. He has studied botany, philosophy, and theology. He has rich apostolic experience in youth ministry and in education as well as broad experience in accompanying the formation of Jesuits and in governance of the Society of Jesus. Father Verschueren will begin his service in Rome in January 2020.

1 The DIR is composed of the following apostolic works entrusted by the Holy Father to the Society of Jesus and international houses of the Jesuits in Rome: the Pontifical Gregorian University, the Pontifical Biblical Institute, the Pontifical Oriental Institute, the Aletti Center, the Vatican Astronomical Observatory, Civiltà Cattolica, St. Peter Canisius Residence, St. Robert Bellarmine College, and the International College of the Gesù.

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