In the Bolivian Province of the Society of Jesus, 70 Jesuits present in the departments of La Paz, Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, Beni, Chuquisaca and Oruro, carry out more than fifty social, educational, parish, communication, spiritual and other works.

The 70 Jesuits who make up the Bolivian Province of the Society of Jesus serve the Church and society in the spirit of their mission: the service of faith, the promotion of justice through the task of reconciliation (with God, with others and with nature).

They carry out a series of works that constitute, as defined by the 29th Superior General of the Society of Jesus, Fr. Hans Peter Kolvenbach SJ, an example of “integral evangelization” that is oriented to the educational work through schools: San Calixto and San Ignacio de La Paz, Sagrado Corazón de Sucre, Juan XXIII de Cochabamba or the network of schools and colleges of Fe y Alegría and IRFA in Santa Cruz, technical education through the Institute of Industrial Learning (IAI) in Oruro and the Multiservice Educational Center (CEMSE) in La Paz and other cities.

 Within their Apostolic Project, the Jesuits of Bolivia also see as a priority the generation of thought that responds to the religious, social, economic, and political challenges of the country. This through its action in the social media such as the radio network that covers the entire national territory as: Radio ACLO, Radio Fides, IRFA and Radio Santa Cruz, and the digital presence of the FIDES News Agency (ANF).

On the other hand, its missions, parishes and spirituality centres seek an evangelization that responds to the multicultural complexity of the country where the original cultures are valued and promoted.

The mission of the Jesuits also seeks to be among the poor and marginalized. Social institutions such as the Centre for Research and Popular Service (CISEP) in Oruro, the Loyola Cultural Action Foundation (ACLO), the Arakuarenda Foundation, the Arakuarenda Foundation in Charágua, among others, aim at this in their work.

“The Society of Jesus in Bolivia is an exceptionally creative and industrious group of men. We can see that they are living in depth the apostolic charism of our Founder Saint Ignatius of Loyola," said Fr. Kolvenbach on his second visit to the country in 2001.