On Saturday, November 3, in the Church of the Gesù, in Rome, Father Arturo Sosa presided at the Eucharist during which two Jesuits pronounced their solemn vows before him. To Dominik Markl (Province of Austria) and Fabrizio Fabrizi (Province of Southern Europe), Father General recalled that Fr. Rupert Mayer, whose liturgical feast was celebrated that day, had been touched by God’s love and had entered into a relationship of friendship with Jesus. Even if the life of this German Jesuit, a leading figure in the struggle against Nazism, was difficult and led him to martyrdom, his commitment to following Christ led him on a path of happiness.

To his two companions who were to pronounce their vows a few minutes later, Fr. Sosa pointed out that the path of holiness – the one that Pope Francis often talks about and that he presented again during the recent Synod on Youth – is not one where we walk alone. We travel this road with others and in the service of others. He added, “The path to holiness is the path of reconciliation and justice as presented in the Beatitudes, which we can consider as the roadmap to holiness.”

The homily also stressed that the Society of Jesus itself cannot follow on its own in Jesus’ footsteps, but that the order is part of the much larger community of Christ’s disciples. This community collaborates as best as it can in the mission given by Christ, the crucified-risen Lord. To conclude, Father General thanked Dominik and Fabrizio for their willingness to serve the Church with all their energy and all the gifts they have received from the Holy Spirit. He thanked them in particular for their willingness and availability to walk in the path of holiness. Referring to this path, he quoted again the final document of the recent Synod:

“There is a language that men and women of all times, places and cultures can understand, because it is immediate and luminous, it is the language of holiness.”

You may read the complete text of Father General’s homily and see some photos of the liturgical celebration.