Without having had the opportunity to stay at the General Curia, it is difficult to imagine the life of the Jesuits who live there. The community brings together more than fifty members who spend most of their time in their offices, at the service of Father General, of the Jesuits all over the world, and of the international works of the Society. The rythm of community life comes mainly from the Eucharist, prayer and pranzo, the midday meal. Leisure time does not take up much room in the schedule.

However, twice a year, the community superior and the minister organize a “gita comunitaria”, a day trip by coach to a place where culture, nature and good food ensure a change from the daily routine and strengthen interpersonal relationships. On Thursday, October 27, the “gita comunitaria” led the Jesuits of the curia, together with some confreres from the neighbouring community of the Canisio Residence, to Gaeta, a magnificent city on the Mediterranean coast, some 80 km north of Naples. Here are some photo memories of this excursion.